Other Projects Types

Not all of our tasks includes large grading exercises or building construction, but they are equally important to help a project through to completion. 

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Landscape architecture design

Freeland & Associates, Inc. is uniquely positioned with a landscape architecture team within the company.  Dedicated landscape professionals provide full service landscape design and specifications.  In addition to providing landscape design, the team members with landscape experience help integrate natural built environment into everyday civil projects.  It is especially important with the integration of low impact development design. 

Water system & Rainwater harvesting design

Freeland & Associates, Inc. has vast experience with water system design.  We have the ability to design water systems for single-family homes, subdivisions (Group B), and commercial developments (Group A).   Freeland & Associates, Inc. also designs rainwater harvesting systems for single family residences, including the rainwater catchment, storage, and water treatment. 


Bellingham Childcare & Learning Center

Community service

At Freeland & Associates, Inc., we are proud to be part of this community.  Over half of the employees were raised in Whatcom County and everyone has lived here for at least 10 years.  We have skill sets that allow us to give back to community in unique ways.  Sample projects include design and layout for an ADA ramp at the VFW Post 1585, site design and layout for a Bellingham Childcare & Learning Center, stormwater design and permitting for the Whatcom Falls pump track, stormwater design for Mt. Baker Rotary Boulder Park, and design and permitting for an outdoor learning space at Silver Beach Elementary School.