Residential Development

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Long & Short Plats

Although platting of land is simply dividing the parent parcel into smaller parcels, rules and regulations create challenges that need to be overcome.  Freeland & Associates, Inc. has the experience to help guide a plat through the municipal process.  Our use of innovative design leads to creative solutions for lot layout, municipal utility extensions, road design, stormwater design, and more.

Infill projects

Infill housing is a great way to make use of residential land in a dense urban environment. This type of housing focuses on developing vacant or underutilized land in urban areas and helps to reduce sprawl, while encouraging long-term sustainability and housing options for all types of individuals and families.  Freeland & Associates, Inc. has the skills to assist with creative solutions for site layout, utility service design, stormwater management, landscape design, and permitting.

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Freeland & Associates, Inc. enjoys working directly with homeowners and architects to develop single-family lots.  Although they are typically small projects, single-family residences have their own host of challenges. We are able to provide assistance with complex issues such as intricate lot grading, low impact development stormwater management, water reuse through rainwater harvesting, potable water treatment, and phosphorus neutral designs within sensitive watersheds.